The shills are at it again.


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Nov 12, 2023
These guys just will not let up. So this thread here

And any time you talk about wipeout games and losing streaks the shills all show up and start blaming you for everthing. it's not the game it's just you. Blah blah blah frikitty blah. And then of course if you try to prove it you would get banned for it.
Even a cursory look over that thread brings back a lot of memories. I'm willing to bet that those are all the same people that were there from the beginning with the same old, tired arguments, they've just changed their names and/or rerolled a new account.

You can't reason with fangirls. It just doesn't work. They act as though that game somehow is a career and if they do their power platoons, or use their exploits, or whatever, that somehow makes them great.

So any time someone comes along and says that it's more down to luck than anything else and that the game is programmed for ups and downs to keep it interesting, or rigged if you like, they get completely bent out of shape and have to come up with anything they can to defend their so-called "talent".

And by the way: I know the guy that did the MS1 (Tier 1) botting experiment. I was there when he did it. That was back around 2016 or 2017. He was a good friend of mine that actually got me started on this game back in 2012. His name was John, but his in-game name was Vladimirs Revenge. He was as good as they come. I miss him. He passed away of COPD not too long ago.

In the end, not only did they ban him from the forum and delete the thread for that, they did in fact ban that account from the game. The funny part was that the game account wasn't banned until after the forum account was. We got a good laugh out of it because it sort of proved that they don't care if you bot at all so long as you don't post it in their forums and make them look completely complicit in the botting.

It's the same with the cheats and hacks; they'll say "prove it" and when you post a link to them or video of them the thread is deleted and you're permabanned. Then they'll ban the ability to link to those same cheats and hacks and act like they don't exist because you can't post a link to it or video of it.

That's why this site was founded back in 2016 to begin with: to show all of that where it wouldn't be deleted, where it would be viewable at any time by anybody.

In fact, they even banned this site's address from their forum. You can't even link to here from there, or at least it used to be that way. Not sure if it is to this day or not.

That's how bad it is over there and always has been. They can't win a fair argument without Wargaming covering their asses for them. They're like children with their fingers in their ears yelling, "LA LA LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA".
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