The RCMP Are Simply Protecting Their Pension Fund (As They Raid Indigenous Land)


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
Canada's Ocean Playground

The board that oversees RCMP pension funds has invested in the owner of the Coastal GasLink pipeline—and experts say it is a conflict of interest in light of the Canada-wide standoffs between police and pipeline opponents.
Montreal-based Public Sector Pension Investment Board is a crown corporation that manages billions of dollars in retirement pension fund investments for the RCMP, the Canadian Forces, the Reserve Force, and the federal public service.
That's wrong on a whole lot of different levels. We have the same exact issues here in the States with government pension / retirement fund managers investing in other government enterprises. In many cases the two (the investment and the fund itself) are at odds with one another directly.

Funds like that should simply be limited to investing in private enterprise. Mutual funds, utilities, etc.