The last Civil War widow has died


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Dec 1, 2020
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"Who knew that a widow of a Civil War veteran was still around 155 years after the war ended? Helen Jackson never talked about her status, because of the enormous age difference. In 1936, she was 17 years old and married Union veteran James Bolin. He was 93 at the time."
Well, technically she wouldn't be a civil war widow because she wasn't married to him during the time he served in the war. She is, quite literally, the widow of a civil war veteran and nothing more.

There is a distinct difference, especially in the South.
This was a common thing during that time period. The turn of the 1900's on into the 1920's, 1930, you still had Civil War living veterans who would do that. And thus, you had active living wives, and women who were either wives of Civil War veterans drawing pension benefits all the way actually up to, "I think it was recorded into the 1970's or beyond." Which would make sense.

But, could you imagine going to the VA Hospital, and actually possibly running into a Civil War veteran at the V.A. during the 1930's as a WWI veteran ? Think about that for a min. ? Like wow ? I'm sure it must have happened. WWII Veterans bumping into WWI Veterans at the VA. Heck, when I go to the VA now, I run into Korean War veterans, and of course Vietnam vets, and everything beyond after that.

But, back in those days, I guess these old guys needed someone to take care of them, and that's how they paid them for taking care of them.
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I did not know that. It makes perfect sense.
But yea, you can see how another woman could really destroy another woman's reputation with something like that, you know? Cause, that meant a whole lot back then to how much water it holds now as then. So, when you think about it, it' pretty heavy in a sense.

But, I also see the clarification you're making. She's a wife/widow of a "Veteran of the Civil War." As soon as a vet marries a wife, his benefits increase automatically. $$$ Not just in money, but a few other things, if he is supporting a wife. If he is getting a VA pension, or drawing a disability due to his time in service, or wounded in the war etc. If there are kids, then it's more for example.

IF he dies, then there is of course the remaining benefit. The widow, and kids until they turn 18. The kids should quality for an educational benefit. And, there are some other things. I would have to look all that stuff up. It takes some digging to get it all down.