The Hearings on January 6th

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Are a complete joke, as expected. But some things are coming to light that I find interesting.

Guess who warning the FBI that an attack was coming? Parler. Yep, that Parler. They sent over several messages to the FBI that they thought (correctly, I might add) were seriously concerning. One of the said, ""Don’t be surprised if we take the Capitol building. Trump needs us to cause chaos to enact the Insurrection Act."

Director Christopher Wray had not heard of those emails and said he would "look into it". :rolleyes:

Meanwhile, republicans were up to their same stupidity: talking about the border, talking about voter fraud, you know...pretty much everything except what they were there to actually talk about.

Our government has become a completely dysfunctional shit show.
But they've put a shitload of people of color and women in government positions for the first time! Winning! I'm so fucking sick and tired of the goddamned democrats bragging every day about putting a trans-asian-hawaiian-african-american-homorphrodite into some fucking position for the first time. It's driving me out of my fucking mind.
I wonder if that's why Parler never really took off. I wonder if someone told them that Parler had ratted them out.
Scott Macfarlane has obtained a transcript of an FBI interview with a January 6th insurrection defendant and it contains questions probing their possible connections to members of congress.

So if you were all wondering why Fox News has been pushing this "The FBI created the January 6th riots" narrative, now we all know why.