The Great Texas Electrical Hand-Washing Continues


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Dec 1, 2020
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HOUSTON (Reuters) - Texas’s largest and oldest electric power cooperative on Monday filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in Houston, citing a disputed $1.8 billion bill from the state’s grid operator.

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc is one of dozens of electricity providers facing enormous charges stemming from a severe cold snap last month. The fallout threatens utilities and power marketers who collectively face billions of dollars in blackout-related charges, executives said.
Oh my. What a complete, walking, talking, breathing cluster.

Well, Texas wanted no regulation. They got it. Now all the shell entities owned by the same people that run ERCOT are all filing for bankruptcy.

That of course will leave ERCOT holding the bag and they will file as well, pocketing all the money from the exorbitant fees they've been charging to fund the legal fees to come.

In the end, the tax payers of Texas will be left holding the bag.

It's the perfect crime once again brought to you by the GOP.
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The fucking idiot governor just removed all covid restrictions and opened all businesses as well. Texas is a shithole run by shitheads.