The French Press

Okay. He doesn't see much difference in brands but his fiance did buy a stainless steel for heat retention.

He also said he got his grinder off amazon and despite the warnings (of not lasting long) it's 2-3 years old and still fine.
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Have you ever used a metal coffee filter before? I've tried a couple but something comes through a metal filter (taste wise) that a paper filter captures and I just can't stand it.

If that has happened to you then watch-out for the press. I found it had the same-type taste to me.

But, that's just me and I know I taste stuff others don't at times.
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Our Cuisinart coffer maker came with a fine mesh brass basket filter. I used it I think two or three times before I trashed it and went back to paper filters.

From what I've read, the French press produces an almost espresso sort of coffee without having to use an espresso machine.

I have a good espresso machine I've had for 25 years, but it is cumbersome, involved and messy to use.

I was just looking for a cheaper, quicker, better after dinner coffee treat given that the wife ordered a water heater with specific Temps for different teas and coffees.
Get a cheap press. See what you think.

I've tried a Vietnamese one coffee maker which was not bad but it's only slightly larger then an espresso.

I found and tried one of those Italian stove top makers that makes a near espresso but not with the same pressure so slightly less intense flavour. The Italian one was also pretty good once I got proper directions but it's still only about twice the size of a cup of espresso.

It's the time-consumption to make with these two methods that make me use them irregularly.
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