The Clone Project

So if you wanted to you could keep that rolling on non stop then right?

In theory, yes. He could.

You take clones from the initial plant like he did. Once those clones get to the same point that the plant they came from was, you take clones from them and so on and so on.

But that's typically something only done by dispensaries. You would wind up with a non-stop wall of marijuana coming in. One person would never be able to smoke it all.

Well, Snoop Dog or Willey Nelson notwithstanding that is.
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The other way would be to keep one known female plant on full veg 24 and 7 (never let flower) and simply take clones as needed from the mother.
There are "clone" tents available for this that top out in height at 2 to 3 ft.

And yes, in theory I could continually take successive clones but I'm willing to bet mutations would slowly creep into the line until it became nonviable.
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I'm still in the process of trimming and curing with just over half of one plant left to go. So far I am at 9 oz. I figure I'm going to finish at around 11 oz total from the clones. I must say the outside bud is less dense then the inside buds.
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Whelp final tally is just over 13 oz.

I'm hoping for a larger yield next year. Part of my problem has been my pot size. I'd like to plant in the ground but at the moment they need to be near the house for cover from the street. They can't be seen while in flower from a public location.
Part of the cure for that is we are having a fence moved which will give me the most of the back yard on one side with more areas available once a new garage/breezeway is built.
I have found an example of a "mother" plant for you.



She's full veg 360 days a year for three years now (iirc) Now there's two things you can do with this plant.
The first is to cut clones from it every time you'd like to start a new plant. This gives you control over genetics and gender for your grow.
The second is to use this 'mother' for grafting purposes and if you look closely at the first picture on the right side middle there is another plant grafted there. I also believe the middle left side of the same photo shows a harvested grafted branch.

From this person info:
I graft phenos and strains on this mother to save genetics and then take clones from. I do this because it cuts back on plant count in an area where unfortunately plant count is restricted. I essentially have one plant that I can choose from 8 different strain to produce clones for my personal grows. It may not last forever but it's lasted almost 3 years so far and the strains hasn't lost there edge yet. This is super convenient for me.
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