The Arrest / No Fly List / Comeuppance Thread

I was looking for the dog to come running out too. And, the neighbors stray cats to com running from hiding out etc. And, maybe who knows what else someone has been keeping as pets.

She played up to the camera for him. Tried to gain some sympathy for the Trump base etc. Clever on her part. She tried to have some class about it though.

It almost for a brief second reminded me of that spot in the Movie: "White Heat starring James Cagney, where his Ma knew how to play the authorities when they were looking her son, she knew how to play on their sympathies, or talk tough back to them etc."

If you have ever watched White Heat, you'll know what I'm talking about. What a Classic ole movie.

“After reviewing the video posted by Rick Saccone, an adjunct professor, we immediately commenced an investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding it. As a result of that investigation, Dr. Saccone has submitted and we have accepted his letter of resignation, effective immediately. He will no longer be associated with Saint Vincent College in any capacity.”