The Afghanistan War waste and fraud.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Decent article on CNN:

Half a billion dollars of aircraft that flew for about a year. A huge $85 million hotel that never opened, and sits in disrepair. Camouflage uniforms for the Afghan army whose fancy pattern would cost an extra $28 million. A healthcare facility listed as located in the Mediterranean Sea.​
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What do you mean "fight a war without a spa"?

I do have to add when my deployment ended in 2002 our "decompression" area was a resort on a Greek island. We were the only one's there for two days and then we departed to Canada. It was all inclusive and it was literally called a "decompression point" before returning home.
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I can get that. I can even get spending the money to build a place like that for the troops. I can even get spending a LOT of money on a place like that for the troops to blow off some steam and decompress.

But I can't get behind spending all the cash and never even using the place; and that's what the U.S. does a LOT of.

There was a special on 60 minutes a few months back about a command center in Afghanistan that they built. It was a HUGE place, state of the art. Cost nearly a billion dollars to build it.

The commanding officer tried to cancel it 5 times saying it would be useless and he had absolutely no use for it at all.

But time and time again he was overruled.

Even after he rotated out and a new general came in, the new general said the same thing: What the hell are we building this for?!

The military never did use it. Not once.