So Parler is suing Amazon

Parler's chief executive John Matze and his family have gone into hiding after receiving multiple death and harassment threats, multiple US news agencies reported.

Always interesting watching republicans eat their own...
I don't believe that (about death threats and such) for a second. It's more GOP victim playing.
I don't either.

It's the further playing of their victimization card. See, it's the angry BLM, Socialist, Commies, the Left, the violent rabble democrats doing this to us etc. It's the deep state, taking us down etc.

The Deep State is taking us down, "We have to strike back even harder, go mobilize our minions again in the streets to fight for our freedums!"

And, their laughing and making fun of us again.

They think their smarter than us again, their still looking down on us again.

I tell you who's looking down on them are, "The Mercers! Cause, their using it as a tax write off! while thier laughing to the bank!":sneaky: