So now women are offended by being called ma'am.

Women aren’t alone in rejecting certain terms that were originally meant to be respectful. “Sir,” typically used as a respectful form of address for men, is another word that doesn’t always go over well.

In fact, men mention some familiar reasons for being alarmed by the term.

I remember when this happened to me first time out of uniform. Made me feel fuckin old. :LOL:
We're not going to make it. Humans, that is. Seriously. We're snowflaked out to the point of no return.

At this stage, we're trying to make our own nomenclature equal that of the typical douchebag coffee order: I'm a non-binary, non-ma'am, man-non-sir, black person identifying as a half-caf, cream free, low fat, double shot espresso, low foam, LBGTQ-DSL-NCAA-NFL-NHL-back door man, slamma jamma, alla walla bing bang neuter.

We'll be arguing over what to call ourselves when the big meteor takes us all out.