Sen. Mitch McConnell's Louisville home vandalized

Found this.

I watched the clip you guys posted above. Those guys were idiots out in front of that out house. Arguing over nothing! What a bunch of dipshits ! They would have been better off standing silent with their own made up signs speaking their own peace against Mitch.
This country has gone straight to hell on the express elevator.
Why would they do that shit to Nancy for ? She pushed for the money $ she fought Mitch.

They should be going after more Republicans if anything. So, it tells you this is nothing more than a bunch of Trump deep state paid conspiracy groups probably organized by Roger Stone again.

Roger Stone Operations offices can we help you contact for hire
Republicans don't see it that way. They blame her because she wouldn't give Mitch what he wanted. Nevermind the fact that all Mitch wanted was immunity from prosecution for his corporate buddies, they still blame her because the GOP said it's all her fault.

You can't use "GOP" and "common sense" together. They are incompatible. They are sheep that blindly follow the leader and never ask questions.
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Yes, they don’t understand that if Nancy gives in their dumb asses will not get a 2000 dollar check, or the other benefits, and things,, their also too fucking stupid to realize that they wold be giving away their right to sue, if their employers not only expose them to Covid, but to anything else in the going forward in the work place, no matter what it is; here forth.

Their little 🧠 brains can’t comprehend what their party leaders, and their heard mentality are driving them over the cliff into;; hoping to take us all with them !!