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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Just watched an interview with this idiot by George Stephanopoulos.

Who on earth would give that idiot a dime?

Seriously. He has a nasal, whiny, pipsqueak voice and says "like" every other word as if he's a 12 year old girl. He stammered over every question getting his lies straight.

Anybody that gave that idiot any money fully deserves what happened to them.
Ahh I just googled the name. Now I know, he's the rube that got left holding the bag.
I think it was him that offered up the bag to begin with.

He's doing all kinds of interviews to keep from going to jail. Problem is, he's only making it worse for himself. It appears pretty obvious that what he did was take all the money everybody gave him for crypto and went gambling with it on the stock market.

Then, when people started hearing about it and crypto started to crash, they started pulling their money out. Of course, by then, it was too late as not only had he lost a great deal of it gambling with stocks but crypto had also crashed at the same time.

He's just another Bernie Madoff: promised the world, lived high on the hog while people kept giving him money and he lost it all gambling trying to get even richer.
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I don't know who's more annoying: SBF or that interviewer.

But yeah. SBF has been talking in rambling circles since day one. None of it makes any sense at all. He's trying to show that he's "cooperating" and that everything was above board, but the more he opens his mouth, the more he contradicts himself and makes it sound like the whole thing was a Ponzi from the get go.

Which is was.

If all he was doing was Bitcoin, which is what his investors thought, it would be very easy to show where all the money went.
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I told you SBF was an idiot.

FTX CEO John J. Ray III, who made his name overseeing the liquidation of Enron in the early 2000s, was asked to compare that experience to the collapse of FTX.​

"The crimes that were committed [at Enron] were highly orchestrated financial machinations by highly sophisticated people to keep transactions off balance sheets." Ray told lawmakers. FTX, on the other hand, was "not sophisticated at all."​

"This is really old-fashioned embezzlement," Ray said. "This is just taking money from customers, and using it for your own purpose."​
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