Rudy ran from getting served

Hugo Stiglitz

Resident Vigilante
Dec 7, 2020
This is funny as shit. You guys remember the other kraken lawyer that dodged getting served lawsuit papers for weeks moving from state to state? Well turns out america's mayor Rudy Giuliani did the same shit.

This is hysterical. It's like a Mel Brooks movie. Rudy would run to his waiting SUV with driver while the Dominion lawyer chased his ass. At one point Rudy jumped in and tried to slam the door real quick but the lawyer shoved the 400 or so page suit in the door. They couldn't get the damn door shut so the doorman that works Rudy's building starts pulling on the lawyer while the driver and Rudy are shoving the papers out of the car to close the door.

Man you can't make this shit up. So the bitch and the idiot that had all this fucking proof of voter fraud run like bitches when they get called on it. Fucking typical.