Ron DeSantis used vaccine to get reelected.


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Dec 3, 2020
Well not that anybody is surprised but that asshat DeSantis is pretty much cold busted. There was a vaccine station set up at Lakewood. It was supposed to be just another pop up site but it was limited to rich people only from two neighborhoods there. Here's the whole article.

Here's a few lines from it.

The Bradenton Herald and Miami Herald report revealed texts between Commissioner Vanessa Baugh and Jensen, including an exchange on Feb. 9 in which Jensen texted Baugh, “Gov said he might show up. Should try to see if that would help him get exposure here.” “Excellent point,” Baugh responded, pivoting to DeSantis’ reelection campaign next year. “After all, ’22 is right around the corner.”

An advance team from the governor’s office visited the Lakewood site, the report said. Instead of randomly determining who would get the vaccine at the DeSantis event kicking off the pod, text messages indicated the governor’s staff asked Jensen to create a list.

“Amazing. They want me to maintain a list. They can’t. Screw this,’' Jensen wrote to Baugh on Feb. 9 after speaking to the Florida Department of Health, according to the report. Baugh then directed the Manatee County public safety director to limit the vaccines to the two wealthy zip codes in which Lakewood was located, emails show.

Fucking corrupt as hell. And people love him for it. god I hate his fucking guts.