RIP Prince Phillip

She will now enter an immediate mourning period of eight days.

During this time, new bills will not be given Royal Assent to become law and state affairs will be suspended as a mark of respect.

After the funeral, the Queen will continue to mourn in private but will resume her duties behind closed doors.

It is unlikely we will see the Queen in public for a month because the entire Royal Family will enter an official grieving period for 30 days.
99 years is too fucking long to live if you ask me. He died in a world he probably couldn't remotely recognize anymore.
I can see Trump's comment now. Prince Phil was a great guy. Sort of. Not as great as me but a great guy. A good guy actually. I'm great but he was pretty good. I mean he was decent. You know. Not as great as me but OK. He was an OK guy. You know.
I beg to differ. I'm still looking forward to 104. (an age I estimated I'd live to in a grade 4 assignment)
Yeah man. If I'm 100 and taking my last breath I'll short it to steal one more.

LOS ANGELES — The BBC has set up a dedicated complaints page for viewers fed up with its blanket coverage of the death of Prince Philip.

"We're receiving complaints about too much TV coverage of the death of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh," reads a statement on the BBC Complaints page, which invites disgruntled viewers to submit an email address to register a complaint.
On BBC Four, as of 10:45 p.m. Friday evening, there was simply a blank screen that reads "Programs on BBC Four have been suspended. Please switch to BBC One for a major news report."
Britons have not taken kindly to Friday night telly being sidelined for royal programming.
"Have just realised the BBC have pulled everything on BBC1 and 2 (including the Masterchef final), to show the EXACT same Prince Philip tribute. The exact same programme running on both channels simultaneously. That is truly bizarre," said broadcaster Maïa Dunphy.

Some said the corporation's strategy "feels like Eastern Europe 40 years ago," while others likened the Beeb to a "state propaganda channel."

Others were simply nonplussed at the absence of soaps on the Friday schedule.
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