Republicans are eying voter restrictions.


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Dec 1, 2020
State Republican lawmakers eye mail-in voting restrictions in Georgia and other key states

But, of course. They have to sink the boat, voter suppression, control, choke down, and rename the turn out of the true numbers exposed and discovered by the voting by mail.

A Republican can only survive, through these means.

The system will always be scammed, rigged, and democracy killed by the GOP. They don’t have the voter base or numbers in the electorate.

They cannot win legitimate honest elections.
You know? It makes you wonder how many other states potentially are out there could have turned blue, if the pandemic was not raging, and this had been in place.

The cat is out of the bag. People are going to want to vote by mail now. It’s exposing that the vote in person process is not turning out the vote.

There’s too many voter suppression tactics built in, voter registration gimmicks, discounting methods etc.

So, now they swarm in to rig this now. Get your attorneys democrats, do it fast, because their preparing for 2022.

And, the word in the street I’m getting is the the GOP is coming for the House of Representatives full force! To cut off the purse strings ! To stop Biden and the democrats $ to hamper them for 2024.

See If things don’t improve good enough by 2024, and they can obstruct, they want a smarter, polished, slicker, quieter, Trump right back in 4 years. ( in their minds, their going for a 1970’s run between Nixon and Carter being rolled out, then Reagan, deal... they think )