Report: 'Isolated And Angry' Trump Refuses To Pay Rudy Giuliani For Legal Work

It could sound like this: "And, you call yourself an Attorney ! What the hell was that! You loser! You make me look bad, what do I pay you for anyway! What kind of loyalty is that shit! That's the reason I gave Powell a position at least she didn't falter, and she could at least keep her hair dye in check!"

And, you can forget about a pardon too! You better get out there and do something fast for me!
Word around the campfire is that the few remaining aides are trying to walk back Trump's comments because no lawyer will touch Trump right now to defend him from his possible impeachment or what comes after that.

Rudy's a good lap dog though, and after all, who on earth is ever going to hire him now? He'll be back in Trump's lap before the end of the week.
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