Remember Trump's Payroll Deferral Plan?

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Remember when Trump issued his executive order that deferred payroll taxes to "help boost the economy"?

Remember me saying that is going to come back to bite people right in the ass come tax time?

Well, he we are and yes it is:

Many of former President Donald Trump's political appointees got a nasty surprise when they left the government: A big tax bill.​
They've been ordered to immediately repay months of payroll taxes that had been deferred under a bid by Trump to boost the economy ahead of last year’s elections — levies he had assured them would later be forgiven.​
“If the indebtedness is not paid in full within 30 calendar days, we intend to forward this debt to the Department of Treasury, Treasury offset program, for further collection,” reads one letter to a former White House official, demanding she pay $1,500.​
That has left some shocked and angry.​
One former official called her $1,300 bill “unacceptable,” saying she and her colleagues “gave our time and effort to this agency and this is how we’re getting paid back.”​
Said another, asked to pay almost $1,200: “It’s just a very unfortunate situation.”​

How can any of those idiots be surprised? They were warned. They didn't listen. They're getting EXACTLY what they deserve.
I remember that. He kept saying it was a boon for business and the american tax payer. Like you say anybody that believed Trump's bullshit deserves whatever the fuck happens to them. Just like all those stupid fucks that are rotting in jail right now that believed Trump was going to walk down there with them to take the country back. Bunch of stupid fucks.
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