QAnon turns on Michael Flynn - the batshit crazy gets batshit crazier!

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
There's a lot to unpack here.

So, Michael Flynn, disgraced former General that went to work as a QAnon leader and advocate, has now been turned on by QAnon.

Apparently, QAnon have now turned on Flynn and have accused him of *checks notes* being a Satanic Cult leader.

In a video entitled “Some Have Said That General Flynn Prayed to Satan in a Recent Prayer,” host Paul Oebel gave Flynn a chance to rebut the growing right-wing controversy alleging he’s signed on with Lucifer.​
“I even saw a show the other day saying ‘Michael’s flipped on the side of the devil,’” Oebel said. “Can you please explain what happened there?”​
“All of these people that talk about turning to whatever...” Flynn said. “People need to stop overthinking what everybody is saying.”​
The bizarre YouTube interview marked Flynn’s latest attempt in a weeks-long campaign to convince his one-time fans in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement that he isn’t a Satanist.​
This is a man the United States of America once put its collective faith in to protect it.

Wow. Just wow.
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It just amazes me the really stupid shit these people come up with. It's not like 'well he's a liar and a cheat'. That shit just doesn't work anymore. They're pulling shit straight out of the 13th century inquisition playbook. It's fucking ridiculous. And people are buying it! Holy shit!