Parade across America

Then again, Kurt was too. When he put that picture of the Burned out GOP HQ pic on his album cover, and that one time he word lashed the GOP to news reporters one time. LOL.
Dave is a cool guy.
He is !! I've heard his interviews. And, heard some XM interview stuff with him. He's smarter than he looks.


This link:

To go further on my point about Kurt. ^

Read this. ^ It's worth reading. Trumps people, fabricating BS, about Kurt. Trying to gain political points off of him etc. It's total BS!

This article proves it out with quotes also you can click on too. Kurt "Hated Republicans!" And, he did vote for Bill Clinton. He didn't vote for Ross Perot. If Kurt would have had his way, he would burnt the entire GOP to the ground. That's no lie.

He's despised uber wealth, and there's no way in hell he would have voted for Donald Trump.

**** However, on the other hand Krist Novoselic, jeez.. He's totally lost, on politics. Every time he opens his mouth, get's into trouble and sinks ever deeper into people throwing things at him, he bounces between a Trump supporter and a Libratarian. He made so many people mad, he had to cancel his Twitter account. He's not too sharp on this stuff (LOL).