Our Taxes are going up in 2021

Everybody knew this 3 years ago.

Or they should have. It was plastered all over every news site on earth.
Yep, I remember it well. But, these butthead Republicans will be lied to by Fox News and Mitch that it was never so. They will be lead to believe trump had nothing to do with this, and Dems set it all up.

They really will.
Well It won't go up for me... or rather I won't be paying more taxes than previously.

Passive income... by investment properties all maintenance cost are 100% tax right offs.

Why do you think I railed at WoT for failing to buy any business property when they had the chance to it?

Again 600% increase in equity on the properties I own in the Bay Area since 2010. And the passive income by those properties is what keeps me at the 90%+ wealth bracket (as of 2020) in the US.

If I had the money as WoT at the times I would have bought a few Buildings in Emeryville CA. Have my business in one of them, thereby writing completely everything and make a sizable profit with the remaining units.

Yes there is a reason why I'm in that wealth bracket. It's using all of my skill sets to make it happen.

Oh yea... just a FYI At this moment a lot of Chinese money (from Chinese billionaires) is leaving China because of Whinne the poo's crack down on things.

Chinese Banking is being done in... why Cyprus of course.
That Tax plan was absolute a plan for the rich lock stock and barrel. Total shift of the tax burden to the wealthier people all the way up the scale. It was utterly ridiculous. And everyone knew it. It threw the real working people under the bus. It will take a min. of two years to get rid of it maybe more?

What also will have to be undone, will be that provision Moscow Mitch put in there that is screwing over the Blue States, where they cannot do their taxes at the state level when they file their taxes ( remember ? the deal where it causes the flow of tax money to go to the RED States ? ) and mitch McConnell grinned and smiled over that ? Now, that was unfair.

It was a welfare program for the red states, bleeding the blue states.