Original Exposing World of Tanks Site

Cool. It deserves to be archived. Those idiots need to go down in history just as they need to be recorded. ;) They caused untold misery, including the employees, the management, the players, their whole system.

The only thing I regret is being able to play just a mere handful of fun tanks than I can really count on the fingers of one hand. And, that was when the MM and the RNG were not screwing you. And, there is no tellin what they have done to things over there now ? No tellin.

And, god the harassment you got during a game, the wipe outs etc. I could go on forever. So, I wont.
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Actually, you probably don't. It was chaotic as hell and I wasn't even "all in" in the very beginning. Of course, there were a lot more people around back then, so there was that.

Very odd the way things turned out in the end.
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There were some crazy insane wild people around back in those days. Lot's of them zooming and bouncing in from the WOT Forum, WOT Labs, and other unknown locations under undercover usernames, their real names, trying to hack, trying to pick locks, trying to gain access to tear the place down, trying to do all sorts of mischief that you can think of.

They tried every thing they could think of for their personal entertainment, to get even for another site coming on line to question their empire called WOT Of Tanks, their hang out site called Labs (their lare), etc.

They were highly ticked off that they were being called out for what they were. It was a wild west show of those basement dwelling knuckle heads scheming anyway they could to cause grief.