NRA going down in flames.

Hugo Stiglitz

Resident Vigilante
Dec 7, 2020
So that asshole Lapierre has been testifying by Skype. What's going on is that after being cold busted for misusing funds to line his own pockets he wrote himself a new contract. That contract has some bullshit cryptic language in it that gave him (he says) the power to unilaterally file bankruptcy.

The problem though is that none of the board knew anything about it. What's more his chief operating officer and chief financial officer didn't know either. Lapierre pulled all this shit alone to benefit himself. Now he's rambling so much in his answers even his own lawyers are interrupting him to tell him to just answer the damn question.

I hope the judge throws his filing in the dumpster and sets fire to it. Then New York can dismantle what's left and Akerman can sue Lapierre back to the fucking stone age.

Lapierre thinks he's off the hook for embezzlement because he paid back 300,000 dollars. That's like the bank robbers charges being dropped if he gives back some of the money. That old bastard stole millions I'm sure.
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