Nothing like some Yin-Yang eggs as part of a balanced breakfast.

Ying Yang eggs ?

is that what that’s called ? So, you eat them just like that ?

It reminds me of a burger joint I went into locally were on the hamburger they put egg on the burger just like that with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickle, small tiny piece of bacon, just a dab of Mayo, tiny spot of mustard, burger meat was thick, they salted it down with a salt/pepper/all seasoning stuff.

Big nice French fries on a plate, ( hot plate ) , I had a dab of catsup with the fries, you could get sodas or 🍺 beer, but I had to go back to work.

That was so good !!

The egg they put on the burger was just like that, 1/2 cooked, yellow still kinda not runny, almost cooked.

it was different.

I normally, just cook scrambled eggs. But, I also cook standard egg sandwiches, with tomato, lettuce, maybe cheese?

when I have enough stuff, I will do an omelette, I put a little bit of everything in!! I add everything that’s great to put in, and I make about 2 big ones atleast.

lots of stuff you can do with eggs.
You missed it.

This is yin yang:


It's a Chinese symbol that basically shows how good and bad balance each other out.

I dropped the eggs in the pan and they somehow made that shape.

Sorry. Just my odd sense of humor.
I’m on the I phone and could not see. I see it now, when I zoom in with the I phone with my fingers too,,, Now, I can see it !!