Northern Irish loyalist paramilitaries withdraw support for 1998 peace deal


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Dec 1, 2020
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LONDON/BELFAST (Reuters) - Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary groups have told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson they are temporarily withdrawing support for the 1998 peace agreement due to concerns over the Brexit deal.

They said they would not return to the deal until their rights were restored and the Northern Irish Protocol - part of the 2020 Brexit Treaty - was amended to ensure unfettered trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.

Both Northern Ireland and Scotland are really angered about being dragged out of Brexit by England.

I was never into The Next Generation, but I had a roommate at the time who was. I never knew they did episodes like that.

Pretty bold stuff for what's supposed to be a family show.
No and I certainly don't ascribe to the violence either but if England plays this wrong, Ireland may be it's own full country again (albeit with a probable north/south) especially in light of how many younger people don't fall into their parents religions as easily.
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