No Senate Republicans voted to advance the stimulus package that'd give most Americans $1,400 one-time checks


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Dec 1, 2020
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Senate Republicans issued a mass rebuke of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package on Tuesday night, with none voting to advance it.
In a strict party-line vote, all 50 Senate Democrats voted to advance a budget resolution to speed the aid package through Congress without Republican support. Forty-nine Republicans voted against the resolution. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania was absent because of snow.
The phrase "No Republicans" was trending on Twitter after the vote.
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Not surprising.

Once again, they're all of a sudden worried about the deficit. They found a trillion to give the rich, they found trillions more to give each other, they had no problem adding to the deficit more than any administration in history...

until now.

They (the 10 GOP reps that met with Biden) never planned anything in good faith. Biden's plan is 1.9 trillion. The republicans that want "unity" and to "work together"?

They offered to trash Biden's entire plan in favor of their own 600 billion dollar plan that once again favored the rich and gave no money at all to those who need it.

It's a complete joke.

It's like owning a house that has some problems. I tell you I need 10,000 dollars to fix it all. Now, it's one thing to come to me and say we can do without fixing this or that for now and only spend 8,250 dollars.

But what the republicans did was walk in and say, "Don't fix any of it. Here's 100 dollars. Let's have a barbecue."