No One Wants To Do The F#%king Job, Gary

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Throughout my life that was the only reason I ever left a job: to make more money at another job. Nobody values their employees anymore. They're always of the opinion that there's a million people standing in line to get your job.

Then they have the unmitigated gall to say, "Why can't I find any good people" while in the same breath when you leave to make more money someplace else they yell, "there's just no loyalty anymore".


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Dec 17, 2020
Personally That person does not have to work for me. I do not give one FUCK of Karen's whining about this and that. Now I make money by knowing as much as possible on anything I enter into a certain market. It's called research and lots of it needs to be done to be successful. I have and will give fair pay for fair work.

However... I've dealt with too many entitled assholes in the US and so I go to other countries where people provide me the content I want to create.

I won't tolerate your shit and I don't have too. There are plenty of people that do need work and if they meet my criteria when they create content for me I hire them.

The wonderful thing of knowing your market is where you stand with your employees. And my wage I pay is pretty good. BUT.... As an employee DON'T FUCKING TELL ME HOW TO RUN MY BUSINESS.

Because you will lose. I promise you that. You will lose.

Now... how the hell is everyone in here? I've tried to play WoT 4 weeks ago. It was 3 years since I played the game instead of a test server and fucking god, it was a BAD experience. I mean that game is now a really SHITTY game. An Android level of a Game WoT has become.

Not only was it bad I had to completely remove it from my computer as it was running in the back ground while I was not in their game. It was enough for me to noticed and yea I got pissed. There is no reason computer games should be running if you are not playing it.

I even thought that they might be even using my computer to crowd share bitcoin for themselves. I've heard of that situation happen so just incase I removed everything. The changes to my performance was that noticeable in my case.

Also you expect the COOF to increase players... Hell it got worse. ATM there are more people playing WT than WoT. Both companies and player base soured me back in '18.

Time is money so would you believe that I could buy a home in the Central Valley of California with my Hobby Money account alone??? That's what happens when you start making sure your passive revenue stream grows instead of playing pew pew with a questionable game company.

Yea I'll spend the time and effort playing any game, but when a game becomes too toxic with lies and questionable programming, I'm spend and/or make money elsewhere.

Hope you guys are doing fine and I'll pop in every once in a while. Cya :)
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Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Great to see you again, Charlie!

On employees: I've never owned my own company so I wouldn't know what it's like to deal with them. I do know this: the only reason (with one exception) I ever left a job was to make more money someplace else.

One job in particular was a real pisser. Back in 1998 I had been really busting my ass for over a year, working 55 to 70 hours per week. I had finally decided that by God I wanted a raise.

I was told over and over again how money was tight, how much they've "invested in the company" and that I just need to hang on until things get better.

Meanwhile, the owner drives up in a brand new Cadillac. The General Manager (they were all family) drives up two weeks later in a new, fully loaded Dodge Durango. The next day the Vice President (also a family member) drives up in a brand new Lexus.

No money, eh? Yeah. OK. Sure. Right.

So I made a phone call the night after Sam showed up in the new Lexus and was offered a job for 25% more money. I put in my notice the next day. And guess what they said?

"But we had you approved for a raise! We were going to tell you about it on Friday".

Yeah. Sure. Right.

On how I'm doing: Doing great with one exception - my best friend of 40 years died of covid. Damned idiot didn't get a shot. :rolleyes:

Other than that I honestly can't complain. I'm feeling better than I have in quite a while and have pretty much everything I ever wanted...except the dog. The dog is, at best, an idiot. Sweet? Sure. Good looking? You bet. But dumber than a box of hammers.

As far as gaming, lately I've gone back to racing. I bought the new version of Assetto Corsa Competitione and have been driving. I got pretty tired of War Thunder. I didn't play World of Tanks but did go back and play World of Warships for a while. They've flat ruined it too.

You can tell Wargaming has simply thrown in the towel and are now effectively hurling anything they can at their games to make a buck. They even removed the player count in World of Warships so you can't see how few people are playing it anymore. Most matches are filled with bots because there's nowhere near enough people to fill the teams up.

It's pretty sad.

Good to see you're doing well! Don't be a stranger!