New York state mounts criminal probe of Trump Organization finances


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Dec 1, 2020
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The New York attorney general’s office said on Tuesday it has now opened a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s company, increasing the legal risk for Trump and his family.

Attorney General Letitia James has been investigating whether the Trump Organization falsely reported property values to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits.

The latest announcement marked another escalation of the legal jeopardy Trump faces four months after leaving office, taking to three the number of known criminal investigations of the former Republican president.
I sure as hell hope something comes of it. It's fucking ridiculous that nobody has answered for any of the bullshit for the last four years.
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And they're off:

Manhattan prosecutors pursuing a criminal case against former President Donald Trump, his company and its executives have told at least one witness to prepare for grand jury testimony, according to a person familiar with the matter -- a signal that the lengthy investigation is moving into an advanced stage.​
You can bet the media outlets will be camped out to see who walks into the building first.
Just now on GMA, Jon Karl (White House correspondent) was talking about this. Some of the issues he mentioned on Trump's forms that the NYAG is questioning:
  • A mansion was used as an evaluation on property when there wasn't one there. It hadn't been built yet.
  • 20,000 square feet of space that didn't exist was added to his suite at Trump Tower to increase its value.
  • Dozens of memberships to his golf club of $150,000.00 were never collected but were claimed on a loan form.
And the story goes that they, as well as their employees, all either refused to testify or pleaded the 5th when asked about any of that and a whole lot more.

Eric Trump spent six hours pleading the Fifth Amendment more than 500 times

Eric Trump spent six hours pleading the Fifth Amendment more than 500 times

Every American has the right to not incriminate themselves in court or in a deposition. According to the court documents for New York Attorney General Letitia James' probe of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump spent six hours doing exactly that. Showing screen captures of the court documents...

“Eric Trump then invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in response to more than 500 questions over six hours.”
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That was expected. And as noted, it was over a year ago. Nothing ever came of it.

What the Trump's are basically doing is daring her to charge them because they know they can string it out for years on end. He was pleading the 5th to anything other than his name, address and occupation. Those are "must answer" questions under the law.

If they asked him, "So do you have a good working relationship with Mr. Weisselberg" he would plead the 5th.

If they asked him, "So what's your favorite flavor of ice cream" he would plead the 5th.

If they asked him, "Lovely weather we're having, isn't it?' he would plead the 5th.

It's a bit of a nothing burger, really...unless it's a trap. Now that Eric has pleaded the 5th on all of it, if she charges Trump she can give Eric immunity and then he HAS to answer all of those questions.
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