New York Post and Fox News make up story. Again.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Well, well, we go again.

A couple days ago, this picture was part of a New York Post story that started a massive anti-Kamala Harris campaign on Fox News:


In a nutshell, this picture is of one of the many temporary shelters built to hold the influx of young, unaccompanied immigrants. The shelter, in order to provide basic needs for kids, accepted pretty much any donations they could get.

So a local library donated a bunch of books. Among those books was a copy, let me type that again, A COPY of a book for kids that Kamala Harris wrote in 2019, before she ever took office.

But that one little paperback presented an opportunity for the Murdoch family. The reporter at the Post completely fabricated a story based on this photo that EVERY SINGLE IMMIGRANT was being given a copy of Kamala Harris' book.

That story was widely spread by Fox News, its pundits and every conservative hack from here to Mobile, Alabama.

The problem was, of course, it was fake; like pretty much everything else Fox News spreads. So the New York Post has spent the last couple of days removing, modifying and then republishing the story.

And yesterday, the hack that wrote it resigned from the New York Post.

In the thread, she says she was forced to write the article. I'm not sure I'm buying that. Be that as it may, the story now reads pretty much as it should. It doesn't change the fact it was yet another false, completely fabricated story by the New York Post, which like Fox News, Rupert Murdoch owns.