New Dutch CL line is insane, it comes with Airstrikes


World of Warships Reporter
Mar 31, 2021
There is a new Dutch cruiser line coming to World of Warships, but it is insane, it comes with airstrikes, in this video, a Alaska cruiser is triple focused by Dutch cruisers which calls in triple airstrikes which bomb the Alaska to near death:

  • Facepalm
Reactions: Hugo Stiglitz
The Dutch. How fucking stupid can you get. That was like bringing in the Czechs in tanks before the Italians. All those fucking wargaming fangirls with their bullshit arguments about how great the Czechs were that never even fired a fucking shot bashing the Italians like you couldn't make a tank line out of them.

I think that's what killed world of tanks more than the bullshit RNG and horrific mm. The complete bullshit they put into it. Czech tanks. Dutch warships. Fucking moronic on a level that is simply inconceivable.