Most folks I've seen online in a while.

They can’t possibly be playing tanks.
Unless, Anton dropped a patch and realized that ground forces is F**d with their Wargaming version of arty.

It must be planes and ships or the other modes. It could be they are souring the well, to force everyone to go play everything else? IF that is true? Then that takes me out.

I can go over there and see if they have dropped a new patch or not to fix their mess up ? But if not then I’m not going to waste my time with anything.

Btw, I flew a battle with the BV 238 last time I was on. I noticed since I last played, that after you bomb, and try to go for the next target, for some reason they have changed the distance in your sighting distance before you over fly the target below you. Another words, you see that target you have it estimated; but before you can line yourself up, you’ve over shot the target...

What I’m trying to say is, they’ve done something with distances that causes you to over shot the 2nd bombing targets.

maybe it’s on certain maps?
That's total number.

Normally it hovers around 65,000. Each time a new patch comes out it'll jump up to 80 or 90,000. It's been quite a while since I've seen over 100,000 people online at once.
When I get time maybe by sometime tomorrow, I'll to play a few when I can get over there.

Got so many things to do, I'm working on right now. I'll see what I can do about playing a few maybe before Xmas.
Don't bother, man. You're just going to get all worked up over it. Tank game play hasn't changed, they've just added more tanks. The graphic effects though are out of this world. Seriously, it's quite something to see. You can see the grass flatten from the vacuum as the shell flies out.
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