Moscow Mitch strikes again

And absolutely nobody is the least bit surprised.
Every thing from now on will be this way !!

2- Santa Claus Theory is repivoting all over. From now own every word out of McConnells mouth will be, Deficit, Debt, spending etc; We can’t do that because we can’t pay for it, because of the budget!!!

Fotce the democrats to shoot their Santa Claus, to pay for all the Republicans big tax cuts for the rich, bailing out Wall Street, stimulus for big corporations, and everything else...

But, now it’s time to cry “ we can’t afford that for the people ! “

Bitch and the boys = Moscow Mitch.

The 2 Santa Claus Theory.
It's been this way since Mitch got power. It's nothing new at all. It's just that there's a spotlight on him now that hasn't been there before.
There needs to be a plan on how to deal with Mitch. I really mean that. He’s gumming up to many things.

There needs to be a counter balance to him, or something?

Ed Kennedy kept him in check for years. Knew how to put him back in his place. After Ted died, Mitch went crazy with power, changed rules in the Senate, cemented himself intrench-able from removable etc. works only for billionaires etc.
I would say yes. Because, the entire senate is being controlled by one man. And, that man is beholden to one interest group of people only. Which is bringing all of us down in the country.

Yes, that needs to be done. It defies our system of checks and balances. It has the senate locked up in the wrong hands.