Military Game Fan Leaks Classified Docs To Win Forum Argument


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Dec 1, 2020
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A War Thunder fan leaked classified military documents during an argument on the developer’s message boards earlier this week.

War Thunder is an MMO that bills itself as “the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, military game dedicated to aviation, armored vehicles, and naval craft.” But according to a user who goes by Fear_Naught, the developers at Gaijin Entertainment apparently missed the mark while designing the Challenger 2.

“As I’ve stated a fair few times now, the complexity of the construction is sometimes difficult to see/show with pictures,” Fear_Naught wrote on July 14. “It is so complex in [the Challenger 2’s] case that I don’t completely blame Gaijin from getting it incorrect. All I try to do is point out the areas where they are incorrect.”

Shortly after, Fear_Naught—who is believed to be a commander in the Royal Tank Regiment of the United Kingdom—uploaded altered screenshots of documents they claimed were from the official AESP, or Army Equipment Support Publication, for the Challenger 2 tank.

I know him. Fear_Naught that is. Well, not personally, but in the game I do. He's not a very good player at all.

Holy cow. If that is all true that guy has some serious mental problems. Jesus Christ, it's a game and you're posting a classified doc to prove a point?

Court Martial, some jail time, dishonorable discharge.
Here we go - I'm considered an average player in arcade and a decent to good player in realistic battles. Here's my sheet:

Gomez stats.jpg

Here's Fear_Naught's sheet:

Fear_Naught stats.jpg

I tell you, risking your entire career and livelihood to prove a point in a game is one thing. Doing it in a game you're not even very good at is simply mind boggling.
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