Mike Lindell's 'Frank Speech' rally.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
This is just so, so sad and at the same time very, very disturbing. The Daily Beast actually attended. Just looking at the place it was held depressed me.

Some excerpts:

“I’m the one who paid for this whole rally, I’m the one who put this on. I paid for everything out of my pocket,” Lindell said. “You asked me what it means? Every single person in this country, Democrats, Republican, everybody that has been canceled, just people in general, that have been canceled out. You can’t talk about machines, you can’t talk about election fraud, you can’t talk about vaccines… you can’t talk about anything or they cancel you out.”​
A 13-year-old boy from Chicago came dressed in a “mini” Mike Lindell costume, complete with an oversized fake mustache and Make America Great Again hat.​
Another attendee, Pam Putzier, said she had no illusions that the election would be overturned, and she admitted that the crowd made up a small minority. But she is hopeful that a military coup will lead to the arrest of members of Congress and the reinstatement of Trump. “Kick them all out. Surround the place and put them all in jail… I can’t even imagine it, but I’ll tell you what—I pray every night,” she said.​
These people are completely delusional. There is a mental health problem in this country brought on entirely by Fox News and its enablers.

The other funny part is that Mike Lindell is of the opinion that people actually like him. Once Trump had spoken via jumbotron, Mike went on a rant about religion and everybody immediately started filing out on him.

This is half of America, folks. Half of us drink that shit up and beg for more. We are in big, big trouble.

The instant he makes it all about him people haul ass. His statement says it all too. I paid for this. I set this up. I am running this. I am the one. I'm not sure how much his business has suffered but with nobody carrying his shit I would think it's suffered a good bit. I'm wondering how much longer he can keep doing this shit before he goes under.