Michael Flynn Is A Traitor To The Constitution.

That guy...

I think he's just gone batshit crazy. Either that or somebody is paying him unbelievable amounts of money to say shit like that. Were I president, I'd reactivate him, court martial him and then dishonorably discharge him.
There can't be that much money in this bullshit. Seriously. There can't be.
I must confess I've wondered a great deal about that. What makes a man do that? Especially a man that spent a lifetime serving the nation.

It's either got to be a shit ton of money or he's simply gone mad. I can't think of any other mitigating factor.
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Flynn isn't the only one that was (and is still) batshit crazy. Check this out:

OK, now it's becoming more and more clear that it is in fact all about the money.

First off, there's this article:

In that article, there's this recording of a conversation between Lynn Wood and Mike Flynn:

Flynn calls the whole thing "nonsense". The whole thing is a batshit crazy money grab and now that it's all gone the way of the dodo with people standing around on the bridge in Texas waiting for JFK to re-emerge they realize just how batshit crazy it all is and they're trying to slowly distance themselves from it.

But it's not working out well. In their attempts to get out they're all throwing each other under the bus.

I find it hysterical to watch it all come crashing down over all of their heads.
So a former general pushed a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit he now thinks is a disinformation campaign. Somebody tell me how a guy that fucking stupid gets to the rank of general.