Mandate or enough ?


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Dec 1, 2020
Biden to sign executive orders rejoining Paris climate accord and rescinding travel ban on first day

in the first paragraph or more it talks about the federal property having the mask mandate.

shouldn’t that also apply to any state and local agencies that accept federal funds $ ?

example Universities? They accept tons of federal money.

And remember on the campaign trail him saying there was going to be a National mask mandate.

if you want people back in schools and college etc preschool etc. you gotta clamp down on these asshole boneheads!
Nope. Federal property only.

For the federal government to order mask mandates steps all over States rights. I don't see Biden ever doing that although it is the right thing to do.

That's a concept a lot of people in this country never understand: The States are the ultimate authority of their own territory, not the Federal Government.
Yes, but taking federal money, entails certain things.

we take test at work all the time, about what our employeer has to do and is required to do under federal law, and federal legal titles because they accept federal money on a constant basis!

And, in ever video we watch and in very discussion our HR tells us that, We do this because it’s federally mandated, because we accept money from the federal government.
Yes, but taking federal money, entails certain things.
Yes it does, but it does not wave states rights. Nothing does. Ever.

The only time the Federal Government can override a state is when it involves something being unconstitutional or it involves interstate traffic.

Now, if Biden wanted to play hardball, he could make a federal mask mandate and withhold vaccine shipments to states that don't comply.

But that's not a very good way to please the people, is it?

The only other way is what was done before: A national emergency was declared and the mask mandate and immunization mandates were put into law.

That sort of thing was pretty easy to do 100 years ago. Today, not so much. The legal system today is such that you'd be tied up in court of years before anything ever came of it.

Sadly, the lunatics are running the asylum, and they'll sue to keep it that way.

Biden is doing the right thing by asking, and promoting, and trying to make people see it's the only way out of this thing. It's going to fall mostly on deaf ears, but at least he's trying.

I went to the package store yesterday to pick up some Warsteiner. 4 people in the store, plus one cashier not wearing a mask. We're 16th in the nation in Covid and dead last in vaccinations.


how to make these bone heads wear a simple thin little paper 4 ply mask. 😕

This country is so stupid.

it has actually went backwards in time on the IQ level.

that supervisor of mine the other day, tried to take another swipe at me for wearing my mask. Cant hear you he said. So, started to grab for my paid and pen and he just walked away

the moment they tell me I can’t wear it, Buddy it’s HR time !!

The person I told you about, she’s working on a plan with the faculty senate, on how to address the issue, it’s happening all over the work place. Someone has already went over peoples heads already.
She’s a PHD, on the faculty senate, and in the union, she read my letter, told me to keep documenting, and if I decided to go to HR with it to let her know.