Logan_Longmire_ : fail team killer extraordinaire.

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Dec 1, 2020
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March 5, 2019


Another day, another shit player in World of Tanks fucking things up for pretty much everybody.

This one comes to us from Rafalefighter47 who was in game and witnessed it.

This whole thing starts off with two complete idiots: one is a reroll named NICPOWERBREAKER who, for whatever reason, is starting over to try to improve his stats and is fucking face-planting in epic fashion. Here’s his sheet and stats:



The other is our featured asshole, Logan_Longmire_ who, for whatever reason (we’re going to go with he’s fucking brain dead and a complete asshole) still hasn’t learned a fucking thing after 83,684 games.

Let me say that again:

83,684 GAMES!

And after it all, this is what he’s learned:



He’s learned jack shit.

So at the start, these two idiots start heading right for each other, neither one paying on god damned bit of attention to where they’re going, and they ram each other.


Rather than either one give way, they both continue like the fucking morons they are to ram each other as they drive along until finally Logan_Longmire_ loses it and shoots his fellow moron NICPOWERBREAKER right in the ass.

Then Nic shoots Logan in the ass. Then Logan shoots Nic in the ass. That goes on a couple times.

So, yeah. Another wonderful day in World of Tanks thanks to fail fucktards.

Now, at this point our featured moron Logan goes over to the hill and just sits there. Nobody knows what the fuck he’s doing. Nobody really cares.

Then he yells at somebody to move…which is odd considering the only person anywhere near him is ajPutz, who is in his Wolverine actually on the other side of the hill hiding behind some trees and bushes trying to snipe like he should be doing. Here’s AJ:



You can see what’s coming without watching the replay, can’t you?


Once again, a hard working, decent player trying to actually play the game and win gets victimized by a fucking moron that might be yet another bot for all we know.

For whatever reason, Logan drives over the hill, takes a shot or two, starts getting shot, then rather than simply backing over the hill to safety, he decides to turn around, ram head on into ajPutz who was doing a commendable job and pushes him into enemy fire getting him killed.

Logan is then killed in very short fashion as well. It’s just fucking pathetic.

Once again we see a decent, hard working player that cares victimized by a complete fucking moron. Why bother playing the fucking game when this shit is allowed to happen over and over and over and over again?

Well, people don’t anymore. That’s the problem. So many have quit that the idiots now outnumber the decent people by a factor of at least 1000 to 1.

Here’s the replay. Fair warning: your IQ will drop 50 points just watching this bullshit.

Top Comment: WolfAttack_1:

The only thing that surprises me here is that the PC Shitbags of WGing NA have not punished ajPutz yet for being a decent player. After all, he interfered with WGing’s policy that requires you to be an absolute asshole while playing this shit-shack of a game
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Who the hell does he recruit? Bots? I clicked on that other guy Nicopowerbreaker. He only played about another 30 games and quit with a 38% win rate. Fucker just got beat the hell out of the game. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I came in on the tail end of that site so didn't see a lot of it. I do miss it. Cool you brought a bit of it back.
I never made it past 20,000 games. Fell just short. I can't imagine what kind of sick fuck you have to be to play 100,000 games of that absolutely shit game. You'd have to be brain dead. If not when you started then at least by the time you got half way.
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One guy in one of my clans had over 100k in 2019. Hell of an artillery player. He worked in Vegas at a casino in rl.
So, he was perfectly OK with the ridiculous amount of RNG. Makes sense.

I don't think I played 6,000 games. I think the account has right at 10,000 on it but it was shared so much I think I played barely over half of them.