Let the lawsuits begin!

OK, we all remember this. But what we missed was at the same time Dominion sued Giuliani, they also sued Powell, that batshit crazy "Kraken" lawyer.

So apparently, she has just asked the court for an extension to reply to the lawsuit. Here's how it works:

Dominion files its paperwork with the court against her. The court with then send out notice to her, usually delivered by local sheriffs deputies.

But apparently, she has been hiding. It took some time for Dominion to track her down to have her served, so here is their (Dominion's) response to the court regarding her asking for more time to respond to the service:

Exactly how does the court feel when one of it's 'officer's' evades service of process? (I believe that's the term for people working in the court room)

Guess we gonna' find out.
I'm sure she'll get the extension she wants, but it does put her legal team, if she actually has one, on the back foot right from the outset.

When you've already borderline evaded the very court that you're a sworn officer of, judges aren't going to do you any favors or allow any excuses going forward.