Lauren Boebert threatens parody website: 'Remove it immediately or face further action'


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Dec 1, 2020
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Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is demanding that a parody website "cease and desist" operation because it is "defamatory" to the congresswoman.

Comedy writer Toby Morton revealed on Twitter that he had been contacted by the lawmaker's press secretary.

"Jake is the Press Secretary for @laurenboebert," Morton wrote. "Lauren told Jake to use his government email to send me a cease and desist order to take down my website, Jake is not a lawyer. Jake is an idiot."

I left the website link since I felt strangely compelled to by the Streisand Effect
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Oh my. Man, this is beyond stupid. This from the article:

"They are property of the office of Congressman Lauren Boebert, and use of them is unauthorized and illegal," the email says. "Additionally, the entire website is a defamatory impersonation, and it goes against relevant terms of service and U.S. law. Please remove it immediately or face further action."​

Ummmm, that certainly wasn't sent by any lawyer. As a publication of her office, it is all public domain information. It's all fair use. It's the same reason that she can't block anyone from following her on her official Representative Twitter Account.

I know she was a high school dropout and only got a GED while running for office (and it's still questionable that she even got that) but that is just stupid on an entirely new level.