Katie Porter uses construction paper to destroy pharma CEO

That's one badass woman. I bet that's why they removed her from the other committee. She had billionaire business owners having nightmares about her whiteboarding their asses so they ponyed up the cash to get her moved.
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I love how every time she does that she knows the answers that the ceo doesn't know. How much did you spend on this? Well I'll have to get back with you on...

You spent 12.5 billion. That's what you spent.

You would think by now if you had to answer questions from Catie Porter you'd bring you entire accounting team with big flash cards or something.
They're used to dealing with people that don't take their job seriously. They're used to, "I don't have those figures with me, but I'll gladly get them to you later" and hearing the Congressman/Senator say, "Very well." and moving on.

Most times it's really just a dog and pony show for the public. Katie Porter didn't get the memo.