Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock sworn in.

It's now official. Democrats control the government.

Now they'd better get their collective asses to work. There's a hell of a mess to clean up.
It's almost, akin to walking into an old car junk yard (visually not as bad maybe), and seeing all the wreckage, trying to sort out: "What's been on fire, what's still burning, what's been wrecked, what's barely operational, assessing damage control, what's medium repair, what's major repairs? What's complete overhaul needed? What has to be almost scraped? What has to be rebuilt, or even junked!! What has to be re-ordered from the factory? What has to prayed over and sent to crusher? (then, recycled) Then, cleaning the junkyard up. Plowing, and planting flowers, bushes, trees, building some offices etc.

And, how are you going to organize it? Who's going to do it? Who's qualified? How to do create about 20 million jobs from it? And, keep the air clean, the water clean, ( Restart the EPA ) etc.

The list is just too damn long! I'll be typing forever.

You know what else ? I beta ya.. ( hey, ) This could be a fantastic chance to create a NEW FEDERAL AGENCY !! :oops: they say never let a disaster go to waste... well.. Put your FDR hat on, and put Your LBJ hat both on !! OH YEA.. Yes, in deed ! And, get smart! yes sir. yes sir.

Democrats, it's time. Think big. think smart, think long term. Don't let the moment pass away. Listen Joe, pay attention.
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