Joe Biden’s tough Attorney Gen pick.

Now, we know why ?

listen to this ^ will Joe do the right thing ? Or will he protect his son ? By picking Doug Jones ?

Or will he do the right thing and pick Garland ?
will Joe pick what protects his son ? And, picks what let’s Trump go ?
Doesn't matter who he picks nobody is going to like it.
Probably so. Unless, he finds a 3rd option ? But, then again no one will like that either to be fair about it.

Why not just find a progressive "pick" that will satisfy the left. Why, well.. They are the one's coming up on the short end of the stick on the picks. And, you need to pick someone who will have an objective view ( blind folded on the justiced of the situation -- Including your son! ) And, who will judge fairly on the Trump situation.

Look, it's not rocket science! Anyone worth their salt will know what to do. Their is no ambiguity about it. Where the problem come's in is the the politics. And, the fact that Biden's son was in fact in a "Sticky" situation to begin with. Did he do anything wrong ? I don't think so ? Didn't Trump beat his drum over the deal, and got his ass impeached over it (YES). Will they make a big deal out of, most likely. (YES)

Should that color your choice in what's right in how you pick an Attorney General (NO)!

And, If you're going to use politics into the equation, then you need to throw a bone to the LEFT, because you have been picking all your choices toward the CENTRIST direction. Now, everyone has eyes. No one's blind. They can see. Even James Carville himself !! Said, you needed to pick Elizabeth Warren as Attorney General. And James has no love for Bernie or those guys... So, what was the next excuse, 'Oh, we need her for the senate, because, we lost our asses in the down ticket, so we can't pick her."

Now, there is another excuse.

The Dem's have more fucking excuses than the damn Titanic for hitting icebergs that the ship itself, that now rest at the bottom of the ocean graveyard on issues it wants to bury.

I truly would like to see what will happen if the LEFT every does take the party over one day ? Just for myself I want to see.
Why not just find a progressive
No offense man but I'm so damn sick of that word. What the hell does it even mean when it comes to locking up a criminal? A crime is a crime and Trump and his group have tons of them. Just hire somebody that gets off on throwing people in jail and turn him lose.
I'd hire Bill Barr and tell him if he puts all the assholes away he helped then I'd pardon him.
That’s an interesting 💡 idea.

kinda like the Sadam Hussen idea over Iraq.

You offer him something to let him walk free, IF he cleans up the joint and exposes the bodies for prosecution, also he’ll have drop a few dimes on Trump! Just the right way.

He’s going to have to atone for his past on what he did on Iran Contra, JFK files, etc

Much was expected of him.

He took much from everything and everyone.

And, he needs to pledge allegiance just like he did to Trump this time to the constitution and do what he’s told about cleaning up the RATs 🐀

Then he can leave with pardon clean slate.