January 6th Committee.

You heard it here first. I bet they start busting dumbassed republicans for giving false tips or leaving threatening messages.
The first subpoenas have been issued, folks! And here are the lucky winners:

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows
Former strategist Steve Bannon
Former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller
Former chief of staff to Miller Dan Scavino
Former chief of staff to Miller Kashyap Patel

They've also subpoenaed a boatload of documents from the Department of Defense and Department of Justice.

Now Steve Bannon, who had to be pardoned to stay out of prison, is spouting off about the creation of Shock Troops for the next GOP president.

And once again we hear crickets from the DOJ and Biden administration.
So the fucker just went full on Himmler and nothing happens. Un fucking believable. Biden's legacy is going to be that he's the guy that let it all happen all over again by letting everybody off the fucking hook.
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