It's Official: Mike Lindell is batshit crazy.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
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So there's this:

Operative text:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell speculated this week that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will resign on the morning of August 13.​
"Once we have this symposium, how are the pathways of Donald Trump coming back?" Lindell said. "The first one would be, once we have the symposium, by the night of the 12th or the morning of the 13th, if everyone has seen it, including the administration that's in there now that didn't win, maybe, you know, Biden and Harris would say, hey, we're here to protect the country and resign!"​

Wow. Just wow.
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Even still. When you go completely off the reservation like that you can have him removed as CEO.

I would think that depends on how 'public' he made the company with shares and voting-shares and even then a trial judge would have to make the decision.

People would scream bloody murder if anyone could ask for a private business owner to be removed through the courts or government.
He's right, actually. Under U.S. law if your behavior is deemed to be detrimental to the company, it doesn't matter how many shares you own they can have you removed.

It's a tall burden to prove, but with his behavior and having the company pretty much cut off from the buying public I think it would be an easy post to jump if the board wanted to do it.

The Board of Directors are elected by (and usually consist of) the shareholders of the company.

Whether it's traded publicly or if it's private is moot. If the BOD decides that you've endangered the company then they can collectively remove you from your post as CEO.