I'm going to miss Jen Psaki

Yeah. She's badass.

The funny part though is that she doesn't have to really answer anything. She does the same thing that I do to people when they say, "people are saying".

Really? What people? Where? What are they actually saying? Who reported it? Where did you get this information?

And then as always they trip, stutter, stall, and look stupid because they don't want to admit they got it off a closed Facebook group page.

I still don't think she'll leave. They'll do whatever it takes I think to keep her around.
Those asshole prep their questions like they're talking to Kayleigh McEnany. I wouldn't be surprised if that dumb bitch wrote them. At some point I'm sure someone will put together a collage of all the slams like this into a 2 hour clip. I'll watch that shit over and over.
Is she quitting? I didn't hear anyting about her quitting.
When she took the job she only agreed to do it for one year. Her statement was that in a year's time she felt it would be time for someone else to do the job.

With the job she's doing though, I don't see any way Biden lets her go. They'll probably shackle her to the podium if it comes down to it.
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