I might have to go vegan.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So I went to the doctor yesterday because I've had shortness of breath the last couple days. I tested negative for Covid, but a chest X-ray looked like I was cooking up an upper respiratory infection so they put me on antibiotics and steroids.

I hate steroids. I can never sleep when I'm on them. At any rate, so I'm up late watching TV and this guy Jamie Oliver comes on and starts cooking a roasted head of cabbage. Then he makes an asparagus quiche. On and on he goes; no meat. It all looked SO good.

That was some vegetable cooking I could really get behind.
Get as large portabella mushroom - like 5-6 inches across. Remove the stem and scrap out the the gills with a teaspoon (scrape them off gently, they are very wet and ruin grilling). Lightly coat them in olive oil and take plop them on the grill just like a steak.
Your vegans will love you.
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Man, some guy this morning on the radio was talking about how to cook eggs a certain way to make omelets, and quiches etc, and adding certain things in them ( vegies etc. ) I hadn't had breakfast cause I was rushing to work running a few mins. late. Oh, god it was making me so hungry !! šŸ˜›
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I dated a vegan a couple years ago and she was the most annoying damn woman I ever dealt with. Couldn't go out to eat with her becuase she's just bitch endlessly about the lack of vegan options. I literally dumped her at a restaruant when she started bitching about lack of vegan options. I just got up said "that's it" threw my napkin on the table and went and paid and left.
My sister in law made this tofu lasagna once. I remembered thinking it was like eating soft plastic with tomato sauce. I like vegetables with my meat. That's as far as I go. Screw vegans.
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