I might become a truck driver!


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Dec 3, 2020
So I've been on the road. Let me explain. I work at a warehouse. I normally come here when I'm in the break room depending on which shift I'm on. Well, in the break room they have a bulletin board where they post announcements and such. So a week and a half ago there's this big ad from the company about truck driving. Not just vans but the big rigs. You have to have a commerical license to drive them. A CDL. So they had a seminar on it and I signed up.

So at the seminar they pretty much tell us (there was about 15 or 20 of us there) that they're pretty desperate for drivers and what they will do is pay for our CDL school (it takes about 5 or 6 months I think) and still pay our employee salary to do it. After we get our license though we have to work for them for two years and they'll pay us going rate for drivers. To see if we wanted to do it we were allowed to go out on the road with a driver to see what it's like.

So I've been with a guy name Todd for the last week. I gotta admit it's not a bad life from what I've seen of it. Traffic sucks and people cut you off but you deal with that every day anyway. So we have until September 24th to decide if we want to do it because the school I think starts on the 4th of October and they want time to get everybody signed up and all that. I'm seriously thinking about it. I mean it's a guaranteed job for two years and they pay for the school.
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A good friend of mine was a trucker until he was in an accident that ruined his back. He liked it. He's a solitary kind of guy for the most part, so it suited him.

No way I would be able to do it. About the 4th or 5th time somebody cut me off, I'd put that 80 tons of steel to work and just crush them like a bug.
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I don't know man. Truck driving is some dangerous shit. You wouldn't believe how many cases I've seen of rigged wrecks. People literally pull in front of a semi and hammer the brakes knowing he can't stop to file a lawsuit. It's fucked up but it happens a whole lot.
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Yeah. I hear ya. But I don't know. I'd rather just deal with traffic than people. It's getting to a point for me that I just want to punch people as soon as deal with them.
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I think I'm going to chicken out on the idea. I'm just not so sure I can take driving for days on end. It sounds good at first but the more I think about it the more I probably would get tired of not having my things and my time around me. Thanks for the advice guys.