I hate American parents.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
So there's this:

The two young, spoiled brat, coke fiend American punks were sentenced to life in prison. Deservedly so.

So they have the parents of Finnegan Elder (only a very rich douchebag of Biblical proportion would name a kid Finnegan) were on GMA just now crying rivers. The woman, I kid you not, said that the punishment doesn't fit the crime and that her boy has a good heart and a warm soul.

You're right, lady. The punishment doesn't fit the crime at all. He shouldn't get life in prison. He should get the death penalty.

And a good heart and warm soul? Is that why he plunged a 7 inch military grade knife into that Italian officer not once, not twice, but ELEVEN DAMN TIMES?!

I hate how they parade these rich assholes on TV talking about how unjust it is that their babies are being punished for murdering somebody when here in the States they could have bought their way out of it.

Of course, they're appealing. And of course, millions of dollars will be hurled into it. And of course, they'll probably by his way out of it just like the parents of Amanda Knox did.