I can't stop playing.

I'm on a losing streak from hell. Can't buy a win.
Same here, but I haven't really cared.

Somehow, I've been earning all kinds of giveaways. I was given a T6 U.S. Heavy I'd never heard of. Then I got my pick of any T6 in the game (non premium, of course) so I picked up an M44 SPG.

No, I'm not going to troll with it.

No, I'm not going to start camping out clicking people.

Ok, yes I am. šŸ˜

I've also gotten all kinds of coupons and some free premium. I don't see myself spending any money on the game, but seriously, I don't have to. They've been just hurling stuff at me.
I'm finding out one by one that none of the tanks I have are playable anymore.

Just went out in the Super Chaffee. Went up against some new AMX 13 something or other that has 10 rounds in an autoloader and does double the damage the Chaffee gun does. He got of 10 rounds before I could even reload after the first shot.

The Lowe is useless as well. It simply made of pure cardboard now compared to the new tanks in game.

I think the entire German line has been rendered completely obsolete.
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I was in a T4 SU 76M and at the start of the game I knew I was worthless as I'm parked right next to a T6 SU100Y with a 500 damage per shot gun.
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